Creeking News

Creeking News

Tuckasegee River; Team River Runner Asheville

I am fortunate to have the opportunity to provide support to Asheville’s
chapter of Team
River Runner
. I started out by attending some of the pool and lake
sessions, and immediately bonded with a group of vets who are really
excited about whitewater kayaking. So far, the chapter has had many
pool sessions, a handful of lake sessions, and one river trip. I’ve
also had the opportunity to work with a variety of volunteers, including
Becca Carter, Will Leverette, and Steve Heiselman. These folks have
really put a lot of work into making this chapter propel forward. The
other volunteers have really made a difference also. This trip would
not have been as smooth if it weren’t for the folks who showed up to
help. Thanks to all of you!

On this trip, we broke down our crew into two smaller crews. Each vet
was assigned a volunteer, and there were three vets per group. We had a
handful of open boaters, a C1 boater, and some other hardboaters run
safety and sweep for the groups. I was paired up with Ken, Denise was
paired up with Victor, and Mary was paired with Granville.

The vets really had a wonderful time. We worked on catching eddies,
ferrying, and river reading skills before the railroad bridge, and then
we had minimal incidents on the rest of the run. We met up with the
other group a few times on the river, and joined them for lunch on a
beach near the middle of the run.

Please enjoy some of the photos from out trip below!

For more info about Team River Runner, please visit their Website

Connect with Team River Runner Asheville on their Facebook Page

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