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Chattooga Headwaters – Sections 00 & 0 – Robbie Gilson

A day spent paddling the beautiful Chattooga Headwaters. Perfect level – 2.3′. Thank you American Whitewater for securing this run for us!
Respect the rules and respect the place so others may enjoy it too. This is not the place to “step up” your paddling skill level.
You can find more info on the run here:


Ravenous – Paul Butler

By Paul Butler:

An awesome trip into the woods with the boyz and we were able to get Chris out there for his first trip as well as my second. As usual it was full of amazing boofs and fun times. As always some wild things happened to mix it up but it was awesome!

2012 Green Race, Parts 1 – 8

We had the opportunity to be at the race filming from a few different angles.  From the notch on river right, and at the launch pad at Gorilla.  Enjoy the series of racers coming through the most challenging part of the race course!  Also, check out Pilot Collective Media’s full coverage films for different angles.

I would like to extend thanks to Derek Turno at Asheville Adventure Rentals for providing shuttle for the 2012 Green Race.  Go check out their shop in Asheville!








Filmed By: JPHeinous, Nick Ianiello, and CreekingNews.Com
Edited by: CreekingNews.Com

Saltwood Paddles “Habit” Review

I was asked by Derek at Asheville Adventure Rentals to come demo and review a paddle from the Pacific Northwest.  I head over to the shop, and Derek hands me a wooden bent shaft with composite blades.  This is a real unique combination, so I was quite intrigued.

Saltwood Habit composite blade

For starters, the 194cm, 30degree feather “Habit” weighed about the same as a Shogun, if not less.  The blades are a very nice shape, nice and wide, and feel very smooth in the water.  The composite blade is a carbon fiber and fiberglass laminate around a balsa core.  The benefits of a foam core are gained from this.  Since this is not a foam core, it is more a durable paddle, breaking the edge of it will not compromise the core.

Wood Bent Shaft

Because the shaft is very unique, I was very critical about it, and it surpassed my expectations.  Over-sized on the bend, and indexed for fingertips, it felt very natural for a bent shaft paddle.  The shaft is warm because it is wood, which will be nice in winter.  Pogies will work well on this paddle also.  The paddle feels very strong and reliable.  I am confident in the construction of the shaft and blades.  This is a very


paddle, and is priced fairly.

Check out Saltwood Paddles at Asheville Adventure Rentals, in Asheville, NC, or online at

Bazooka on the Green Narrows

So we all know that there are many photos and videos of the Green River out there.  The Green River is a popular place, and lots of people boat there.  It never gets old, and it runs when everything else is dry.  Not to mention, it’s only 45 minutes from Asheville.  Here is a quick edit I made to showcase what the Bazooka can do at the Green.  Shot exclusively with a GoPro camera.