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Wilson Tauga Laps – by Will Mauney

Wilson Creek and Watauga Gorge laps.


Roots, Rocky Broad, Reggae

This is a video of the Lower Rocky Broad near Bat Cave, NC, and features a handful of rapids on the run. At the 2:15 marker, the boater gets tangled up in a bad pin rock that might have just recently showed up from the recent high water. Please be aware of this bad spot.

Boaters: Charley Bartlett and Matthew Beauchamp. Camera and Edit by Mike Nail

Maytag on Wilson Creek, NC

Maytag is a rapid on Wilson Creek that can hand out some beatings, as there is a hole inside a corner pocket of undercut boulders. This video of Jordan is at negative 2 inches, and shows what it can do. Enjoy!

I’ve tagged this as a river hazard for obvious reasons.

West Fork of the Pigeon

A group of us rallied over to the balsams after a nice rain, and when most folks went to the Big East Fork, we stayed north of the ridge, and got on the West Fork. Putting on just about 1/2 mile downstream of the large culvert bridge, and taking out just upstream of the confluence with Middle Prong, we boofed our way down this awesome little creek. Please enjoy a quick video of our day. For best results, watch in HD.

Blind Date

JP and the crew went out to NFFB, and the water was a bit on the low side. When it is low, it is a great opportunity to mix things up a bit at boxcar by running the blind date line, which is the left side of the drop. In this video, JP is holding a rope, and the line doesn’t go as planned. The rope toss in this video is dead on, and the rescue is a success. Nice job guys.