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This Place Never Gets Old: Chapter 1 – Chattooga River

This is the first installment of the “This Place Never Gets Old” (TPNGO) series.  The beautiful Chattooga River always delivers.  This run was a quick after work jaunt.  Please enjoy, and stay tuned for more of the TPNGO series!

Chattooga Headwaters – Sections 00 & 0 – Robbie Gilson

A day spent paddling the beautiful Chattooga Headwaters. Perfect level – 2.3′. Thank you American Whitewater for securing this run for us!
Respect the rules and respect the place so others may enjoy it too. This is not the place to “step up” your paddling skill level.
You can find more info on the run here:

Chattooga Sections 00 & 0 – Greg Garrard

Santa dropped off an awesome gift over the Chattooga the day after Christmas.

Chattooga Sections 00 and 0 – David Cohen

We believe this was the first legal run on these sections since the law was changed. The level was about 3.1 at Burrells Ford when we headed up to the put in and about 2.5 when we got to the bottom. Thank you to everyone that has worked over the years to secure our rights to boat here!

Dusk Patrol – Chattooga Section IV

Section IV run from 3.23.2012. Put on a little before 7. Hit the Five Falls at 8.

Produced by Noah Brame

Filmed on GoPro HD and edited in Adobe Premier Pro CS5.

Kayakers: Noah Brame, Michael Bone, Blake McCall, Rob S, Angela Siegal, and Donnie Chandler.

Best viewed in HD