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Spring/Summer 2013

This year has been awesome for whitewater here in the Southeast. WNC and ETN have been mostly wet, and the creeks that only run during the cold winter season have been wet and splashy. Enjoy this montage of boofs filmed in what might be the wettest spring and summer yet!

For best results, watch in 1080HD if your hardware is capable.

Raven Fork and Green River – Philip Ellis

Chronicles of the Notch – 2012 Green Race Training

This time of year, the stoke is so high, the lines are so fast, and the leaves are all but dried up.  Watch here as the boys go in for another round of training, and dialing in the lines at the Notch and Gorilla.  Filmed 10/27/2012.

Best Viewed in HD

Michael Bone Green Race practice

My second time paddling a long boat and the Remix Stinger made by Liquidlogic.
I took her out on the Green to see what the long boat is all about.
Hope you enjoy the footage and good luck at the race!
Level was a little over 9 inches this day.

Bazooka on the Green Narrows

So we all know that there are many photos and videos of the Green River out there.  The Green River is a popular place, and lots of people boat there.  It never gets old, and it runs when everything else is dry.  Not to mention, it’s only 45 minutes from Asheville.  Here is a quick edit I made to showcase what the Bazooka can do at the Green.  Shot exclusively with a GoPro camera.