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North Georgia Favorites: Tallulah and Overflow

This is a short video featuring two of North Georgia’s classic rivers; the Tallulah, and Overflow.
Music: Turbo Pro Project – Cluck Old Hen
Film & Edit by Mike Nail.
Special thanks to Asheville Adventure Rentals and Fluid Kayaks.
Shot exclusively on a GoPro Hero3.
For best results, watch in HD.


Overflow at lowflow

Waking up sunday am to see some gauges in the green. A quick call, and I was enroute to Asheville to ride down to Overflow. I’d run overflow one other time, about three years ago, and it was about the same gauge reading at the take out. .9 on pillar, but they obviously mean different things now..less water. So it’s a bit on the low side, but we kayak anyhow. Here is an account of some boofs that were had. The camera was put away after the scout at Marginal Monster, so no footage of that was had, but enjoy what’s here!