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2014 Watauga Race Video – May 17, 2014

Will Mauney put together this nice edit from three different cameras, combining footage from the put-in, hydro, the finish line at Stateline Falls, and some bow cam.  Enjoy!

Spring/Summer 2013

This year has been awesome for whitewater here in the Southeast. WNC and ETN have been mostly wet, and the creeks that only run during the cold winter season have been wet and splashy. Enjoy this montage of boofs filmed in what might be the wettest spring and summer yet!

For best results, watch in 1080HD if your hardware is capable.

Wilson Tauga Laps – by Will Mauney

Wilson Creek and Watauga Gorge laps.

Watauga River Gorge January 2013

A short video of a recent run on the gorge with some great friends and beautiful scenery. Double cameras allowed for this video.

Addicted to kayaking: Spring Watauga Fun

Hello, my name is Mike, and I am addicted to kayaking. Boofing at the Watauga is a good way to get my fix. This is a “Reader’s Digest” style video of the entire gorge. Please enjoy.

Best viewed in HD