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West Fork of the Pigeon – Colin Hunt

Advertisements – Watersheds: ‘Dirty Bird’

Hunter has been busy putting this video together, and I can say that the full feature is really nice.  Check out the trailer below.

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West Fork of the Pigeon

A group of us rallied over to the balsams after a nice rain, and when most folks went to the Big East Fork, we stayed north of the ridge, and got on the West Fork. Putting on just about 1/2 mile downstream of the large culvert bridge, and taking out just upstream of the confluence with Middle Prong, we boofed our way down this awesome little creek. Please enjoy a quick video of our day. For best results, watch in HD.

Haywood County Detention Center

With all the rain coming in, lot’s of things were high. The West Fork of the Pigeon River is a really nice run coming down from the parkway, and towards Lake Logan. Here is a short clip of Hunter Davis running the first big rapid on the run called “Haywood County Detention Center”.